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My name is Teresa Skinner, and I am the founder and CEO of TS Solutions – a consulting company that specializes in the new installation, upgrades, and staff training in BANNER school data management software. BANNER is the most popular software used by educational institutions across the United States to merge all aspects of their business into a comprehensive, easy-to-access system.   TS Solutions also specializes in ad hoc Cognos report writing, the most commonly reporting tool used with BANNER.

With several years of experience as a consultant for SunGard Higher Education – a BANNER consulting firm – I successfully launched TS Solutions in 2009 with a focus on applying my expertise to the unique needs of select clients. In years since, I have gained a more in-depth understanding of BANNER implementation through the different processes, issues and specific circumstances of my clients.

My clients have provided valuable insight into how they process their data, their specific code setups, as well as the challenges they’ve encountered with BANNER and effective ways to work around them. My clients are my livelihood, and consider their success synonymous with my own.

Prior to entering the software consulting field I worked for more than two decades in human resources and payroll for a variety of businesses, from large engineering firms to small law practices. I was first introduced to BANNER while in the human resources department at a private college in upstate New York, so I am intimately familiar with the challenges school staff encounters during implementation and post go-live.
I believe it’s my extensive human resources background – coupled with the practical skills with BANNER I’ve gained as a consultant – that has contributed to TS Solutions’ continued growth and successful implementations for each of my clients.